October Inspiration 

We are a week into October! I can’t believe how quick this year has gone. We have three months until 2016! How crazy is that?! Next month will be a year of me blogging on Chic Of Everything! Sharing outfits and beauty tricks is so much fun and really really enjoy posting them on this blog. 

I don’t have a recent outfit to share because it’s been so dark and rainy here where I live. Which is not the best when taking pictures. Thankfully the sun is sorta starting to come back out so I can start taking pictures again. But for today I’m going to share my October inspiration. Basically just showing some of my favorite pictures right now of outfits, makeup, photography, anything really. 

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I have an obsession with boots and I’m not even going to try and hide it. 


I love this picture! ^ 

Long messy hair can definitely transition into the fall months! 

Big blanket like scarfs look super comfy. I’m on the look out for one now, and have my eye on one at Target. 



Flowers are just my favorite things!! So gorgeous!  


I wish this is how I could spend my autumn days! Hot chocolate in hand with a great view! 
Make the rest of this week incredible! Your the only person that can make your day great! 🙂  


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