A Denim Find // Watcha Wearing Wednesday



 Hey! I have found me a denim mini skirt!! I have been wanting one for a while, it took me while to find one that I liked the length on. A lot either hit me weird or were to short. I got this one at Goodwill for a great price!! So I decided to pair it with my striped boat neck tee and converse,to make it more casual. I can’t wait to change up looks with this denim mini! 

So funny story (I think so anyway). I was taking these pictures outside, while Mosquitos were just enjoying a buffet of Casady. Then I go inside to take a look at these pictures, and my legs are doing the craziest things!! It didn’t even look natural haha. I’m sure it was because most of the time when I’m taking these pictures I have music on and my dancing so the camera gets me mid dance. It happens, you laugh at the pictures and keep dancing. 

Have a great Wednesday!! 🙂 

Buy this look below:

Shirt // Similar Skirt //Shoes


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