Ripped Fall // Watcha Wearing Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! This Wednesday I wanted to share my favorite thing right now, and I think by the title of this post you know what it is. Ripped jeans!! I’ve told ya’ll how much I love ripped up pants before, but this Wednesday I’m going to share another blogger who has an amazing style. And she is incredible at styling ripped jeans!! 

Shalice as you can see by these pictures has an amazing style!! I’ll link some of social media profiles below.  I have to add what an incredible taste of shoes she has!! She inspires me to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion!! So check out her blog !! 

I love how unique ripped jeans can look, instead of a plain pair of jeans grab a ripped pair. It adds some edge to any outfit. 

Ripped jeans are going to be one of my favorite things this fall, so be prepared for that this coming season! 

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