Light Blue Summer // Watcha Wearing Wednesday 

I don’t normally wear shorts because I just would rather wear pants. But I have found this pair that I really like, I’m sure there are more out there that I’d like but I never look. These are from H&M last year but I’ll link some similar below. 

I’m still trying to decide if I like my hair this color or if I don’t. Sometimes I think ‘ oh I really love it!’ Other times ‘I just want my all brown hair back’ even ‘I’ll just lighten it up some more!’ Does anyone else do that when it comes to their hair?? Wanting to change it like everyday? So I’m going to stick with this color for a while, because right now I love it. But who knows I’m sure in a few more days I might wanna change it. 

I lovvveee this baby blue color, it’s one of my favorite colors right now. It’s fun and bright but not super bright! 

This post is kind of all over the place with the shorts, then hair, then the shirt color. I can just ramble on forever and I’d probably end up on the subject of the most random thing haha 

Anyways I’ll stop typing now… Hope you have the best Wednesday ever! 🙂 

Blue Shirt // Similar Shorts // Black Sandals


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