How To Find Your Style // Tip Tuesday 



 Today, I will share my thoughts on how to love your clothes, what to buy when starting a new wardrobe, and how to find your own style!

1. Explore to help Discover What You Like 

Notice, I said ‘what YOU like’. Not ‘What you think you should like’ or ‘what society says you should like’. 
Here is something you could do, go to a store and just browse. Take your time, touch things, find colors, patterns, and fabrics you love. This would be a time for no judgement, you aren’t allowed to think ‘this won’t look good on me’. 
Most likely you’ll start to see a pattern in the things you like. If not that’s OK. And sometimes, there is no rhyme or reason why you like something, you just do!
For example: I love black clothes but I am constantly drawn to some brighter colored things. Which is good, you want to have variation in your wardrobe 

Let the pieces “Speak to you”, as I always say, cheesy I know. You might like an amazing pair of leopard flats, even though you never wore that print in your life. The shoes are speaking to you! Take note of that. It’s probably best to keep it to yourself though, I would not suggest running through the store yelling, “these shoes are speaking to me!” People might look at you a little crazy 

2. Try Things On. 
It’s ok if your not sure what your style is yet, this part will help you go along further in the process 
For example: I LOVE the color yellow, it’s fun and bright. But most shades don’t look good with my hair and skin tone. 
Go to a store, and repeat the first step of finding items that ‘speak to you’ and try them on. Use the NO JUDGMENT rule again. 
Fact: Not everything will look good one you. 

Fact: Some things will look down right terrible. 

Fact: it’s not you it’s the clothes. 

Let’s focus on that last fact, shall we? 

Clothes are created by a designer, one person. There are many different people in the world. So it’s highly unlikely that one designer’s piece is going to look great on every woman in the world. This is why it is important to try different brands. Did you grab more then 2 pieces from the same brand, and none of those looked good? If they are all the same brand, chances are, that designer is not for you. Oh well. Move on and find something that does work. Don’t get discouraged that a piece didn’t work, you’ll find one that you love just as much. 
3. Have a Collection of Basics
Now that you’ve found some great pieces you really love, it is time to go back to basics. 

I love basic pieces. The fact you can mix and match pieces to go perfectly with that new printed top you just got, or just to be an outfit on their own is awesome! Because let’s face it, sometimes you just aren’t in the mood to put together an outfit. And that’s fine, it happens. Here are some basic items I suggest on having in your closet, then I’ll share a formula to putting together an outfit in 5 minutes that I found on Pinterest! 
Basics to have: 
-Dark Wash Jeans

-Solid T-shirts in multiple colors, white is a must have. 

-Denim Jacket (and leather jacket 😉

-Black Dress (or any plain colored dress) 

-Striped shirt 

There is definitely more basic items this is just a starting point. 

4. Try Out Things You Normally Wouldn’t 

When you’ve got your basics and you’ve found your style don’t be afraid to try different things. Maybe you love denim kind of fabric joggers but you’ve never seen anyone where you like wear them. Try them out! You love them so try them out. It’s fun to try new things in fashion, even if it’s out of your ‘style zone’ (I just made that up so don’t go thinking that is some cool fashion lingo). 
An example: while on my trip the other week my best friend and I were shopping and we found this printed jacket we both LOVED. Neither of us usually wear stuff like that or had seen anyone wear something like it. But we ended up getting it because we wanted to step out of our ‘style zones!’
5. An Easy 4 recipe outfit 
Basic + Print/Texture + Jacket + Accessory = Outfit!! 

It’s very simple. What I mean is to start with a basic like dark wash jeans. Next, add something with interesting print or texture, like a printed top. Put on a jacket, blazer, or sweater to pull it together. To finish it off add some accessories or a fun bag. 

There ya go a quick and cute outfit! 

There is some of my tips to discovering your own style. I would love to hear stories on how you found your personal style!!


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