Summer Dinner Party!

Dinner table

 Drink table
Pink lemonade and sweet tea 

 Food line

Silverware set-up  
Chinese food!! Sooo yummy!!

Dessert- lemon pie & punch bowl cake

   A little bit of a mess

This Thursday I just wanted to share some pictures from a dinner party Breanna and I threw this past week! 

While visiting Breanna (see more post with her here and here) we wanted to throw a little dinner party! Bre and I love little things like this, Pinterest type parties, as we call them! So one day we were just talking on the phone, a few weeks before my trip down to see her, then we decide to throw our own party! We both were super pumped to plan decorations, food, guest, ect ect. 
It was first planned for outside with loads of twinkle lights and a bonfire, but plans change. We were just glad we decided to have it inside, because the night of the party it POURED down rain!!! 

We ordered a bunch of Chinese food to drink with our pink lemonade and tea. Then later had lemon pie & punch bowl cake! Then we just sat around and talked for a few hours before watching a movie. 

Most of the decorations came from thrift stores or things we each already had!! I honestly could talk on and on about that day, how Bre and I just hung out decorationing and baking, got ready and all!! But I’m trying to keep this post pretty simple, that’s hard to do!! 

Breanna and I already know when we are older we will have tons of dinner parties at our own houses!! 

I hope this makes you want to throw a ‘Farewell Summer’ or ‘Hello Fall’ or any party!! Hope you have a great week!! 🙂 


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