Vintage Inspiration//Watcha Wearing Wednesday 


Last Wednesday my best friend, Breanna, and I went to some thrift stores. We came across this one store that had booths, one of the booths was a vintage boutique type thing. And of course Bre and I kinda flipped out! We loved it all!!! It’s not wearable but we love to draw inspiration from all decades (we are both reallyyyy into the 70’s right now). It was just so awesome to see the details and fabrics and how pieces were cut!!  I wish we would’ve gotten more pictures at this thrift store because it was one of my favorites. 

I would let Breanna write some stuff in this blog post but I’m already back to my house, sadly. I had the most amazing time on my trip!! I can’t wait to share some more pictures with ya’ll! 

Have a great Wednesday!! 🙂 

My outfit- Dress,Denim VestSandals

Breannas outfit- Grey Tanktop,White ShortsSandals


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