Velvet Crème Hair Care// Tip Tuesday 

Before dying my hair more blonde I did a lot of research on products to help keep my hair healthy. One of my biggest fears with dying/ bleaching my hair is the damage. So after reading a lot of other bloggers tips, looking on Pinterest, and a lot of YouTube videos I have found a few tips. This Tuesday I’m sharing one of my favorites products right now, the Pantene Expert Dry Defy Infusion Crème. I put it on the ends of my hair before I go to bed and I can really tell a difference the next morning. It’s incrediblely soft and feels moisturized all day. I usually just use it on first or second day hair, sometimes third, just depends on when I’m washing my hair next. 

If you want me to share some of my other favorite hair products just let me know! I have a good bit of favorites! 

Have a great Tuesday!! 🙂 


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