Just Some Flares//Watcha Wearing Wednesday 

I didn’t have an outfit post for this Watcha Wearing Wednesday, I know the schedule is going great so far haha! But I still wanted to show some outfits, or at least a piece I really love.  I loveeee denim, I think jeans are so flattering. I could probably wearing different kinds of denim everyday! 

simply chic!^  

Love the pattern of these ^^

 I CAN NOT wait until Fall!! I’m going to be honest summer isn’t my favorite season, it’s a good season but not my favorite when it comes to fashion. One thing I’m really really looking forward to this coming fall is flare jeans, jeans in general, but this post is about flares. Ripped flare, nice tailered flare, grey flare, they are so cute and super flattering. I think they are easy to dress up or down. 


Flare jeans have a 70’s look to me, I love that. 

I was at American Eagle a few days ago and I saw an amazing pair of boho artist flare jeans but I didn’t get them. I figured they’ll be on sale soon, then I can get more then one pair. See how I was thinking real quick and saving money? 😉 

Hope this post helped you find some Fall fashion inspiration. Next week I hope to have an outfit, have a great rest of the week!! 🙂 


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