How-To Longer Ponytail // Tip Tuesday 

I’m starting to get more of a schedule for my blog post, which I’m really happy about because it helps me think of post ideas! Tuesday’s are for tips and tricks, ‘Tip Tuesday’! I’ll be sharing random beauty, fashion, hair, skin, ect tips. I’m really excited about it!! I already have lots of ideas in mind. 

For this Tuesday I wanted to share how I get my ponytails to look longer! In the first picture I just have my pulled up like regular, in the second is how I get it to be longer looking. Here is how you do it… 

1. Pull up top section of hair (I usually start it at my ears and pull up) and secure with an elastic. 

2. Pull up bottom half about an inch below the top ponytail. 

3. Add texturing product and shake the two ponytails together and tease to help them blend better. 

There you go! Three easy steps to make your hair look longer! You can do this with a low or high ponytail. I usually keep my part in when pulling up my hair, but you can do whatever you want! 

Hope you have a great Tuesday!! 🙂 


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