Jumpsuit // Watcha Wearing Wednesday 

Every Wednesday I’m going to be sharing an outfit, and calling it ‘Watcha Wearing Wednesday’. I will be sharing other outfits through out the week if I have more outfits to share, but mostly I’ll post about other stuff. I was sooo excited when I found this jumpsuit at Marshalls, because when I find one I like they are usually to long. This one fits great and it’s super comfy! I will link a few other jumpsuits I love below, so go check them out, they are great for summer! 

I also dyed my hair blonde!! I actually went to the salon to just get my ombré blended and I ended up leaving with a lot more blonde then anticipated, but I really love it! I’ll be sharing soon what products I use to cancel out the brassiness in my hair. The great thing about my hair now is that I still have my natural roots, which I really love.  

Floral Jumpsuit || Tribal Jumpsuit || Blue Jumpsuit || Black Jumpsuit


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