They’re My Dancing Shoes

I cut these jeans up myself, because I wanted some that were cropped and had a slit on the knee. It was just cheaper to cut up an old pair of my own. I love cropped jeans lately, they add a fun aspect to an outfit! I wanted to pair these jeans with other pieces that were a very natural colors, if that makes any sense. Meaning, blacks, whites, creme, ect ect, so these shoes were perfect for that. Simple lace creme sneakers.  

Speaking of these shoes!! They make me feel like I can dance and run around. I know it’s weird but I feel like I’m in Grease, the movie, able to break out in song and choreographed dance at any time in these shoes! Singing ‘You’re The One I Want’ in these shoes dancing in a store this summer is high on my list to do. So they are definitely one of my favorite shoes this summer, because you should always be prepared to break out in song and dance!  

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to break out in song every once in a while!! 🙂 

Jeans- H&M
Shirt- American Eagle
Similar Shoes- H&M


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