6 Easy Wardrobe Updates 

I’ve been looking for a few ways to switch up my look, a few ways I am doing that is by swapping out old favorites with different up to date pieces. And that way each retired piece has a replacement. Now, the real question is, which pieces should you be trading in for new updates. You’re about to find out!

Scroll through for six easy wardrobe swaps and to shop my picks for each replacement.  
  Adorable gladiator sandals at Nordstroms.


 Flare jeans from Abercrombie
I want these super cute lace up flats from Kohls. I’ve been looking for a pair, and these are flipping adorable!! 

I’ve always loved delicate necklaces. I love these two above from DSW.

Very summery pair of platform sandals from  H&M! They are also on sale! 

Y’all know how much I love the blog Treasures & Travels , they also have a shop and this retro swimsuit is from their shop. Go check it out here and all their other items in their shop! 
I hope this post made you think of some fun swaps you can make in your wardrobe, or maybe you found some cool pieces you wanna buy! 

Have a great weekend! And Happy 4th of July!! 


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