Hair Inspiration 

I just wanted to do a quick post this Tuesday morning. So I’m sharing some cute hair styles that I’ve been loving recently! If y’all want to see more hair styles follow me on Pinterest here! I am always pinning so go check it out 🙂 

Natural Hair  

Anouk Yva, her hair is gorgeous!! Follow her on Instagram

Summer time is the best time to where your hair natural!! I don’t like curling my hair or straightening it in the summer because I get so hot. I still will occasionally, but mostly all natural summer hair is what I’ll be wearing this summer. 

Messy Braids    
My hair isn’t long enough for a side braid, but I love them! Doing have up messy braids like some above are super unique and fun. 

 The Lob   
I love this hair cut!! I contemplated cutting my hair like this, but I don’t think it’ll work with my facial structure. I love how it’s messy and just a chop, so fun for summer! 

Quick Ponytail   
These messy and quick ponytails above look so effortless but pretty!! I wear messy ponytails a lot, maybe it’s because I need to wash my hair, no one will every know 😉   

Lovely Long Hair 


I’m gonna grow my hair out, now if I can stand it, that’s the real question. This kind of goes a lot with natural hair but I wanted to included these pictures. 



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