Summer Scent


My favorite Summer spray right now is definitely ‘Forever Sunshine’!! I don’t even know how to explain the smell, it’s very fresh, clean, but also flowery and bright! One of the reasons it is my summer scent is because last summer I went on a beach vacation with my best friend. For some reason lotion is the only thing I forgot! Thank goodness my bestie always has lotion, she loves it. I asked her to borrow some when we were there and I used ‘Forever Sunshine’. Now everytime I smell it I remember the awesome memories of that beach trip!! It’s funny how a scent can make you remember certain memories, and that’s a memory I want to remember forever! 

Bath and Body Works is having there semi-annual sale so if your needing some more body sprays, lotions, ect, go quick. And while your there smell,sniff, and buy ‘Forever Sunshine’ lotion and body spray

I have a DIY beauty post coming up tomorrow, so be on the look out for that!! 🙂 


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