Travel Bucket List 




Like I said in my blog post yesterday (right here) I can’t wait to travel. So I decided to make a travel bucket list! It was really fun looking on Pinterest finding places I knew I wanted to visit, and I already had a lot of places I knew I wanted to go to. I made an entire board on my Pinterest for pictures of places I want to travel so make sure and go follow it here! 

I think it’s fun to think of bucket lists and traveling goals, or even life goals. I definitely recommend making a travel bucket list, it gets you excited  to see the world! So here is my list! I hope it inspires you to make your own. 🙂 (this isn’t in any particular order)

1. Hawaii 


Who doesn’t want to visit Hawaii?! It looks gorgeous! 

2. New York City 


I’ve wanted to visit NY for a long time! Go to Time Square, restaurants, and the Empire State Building! 

3. Norway 

When I think of Norway I always think little towns with friendly restaurants and beautiful views! So if that doesn’t make you want to go to Norway to see the colorful skylines I don’t know what will. 

4. India 

  This picture above is in Erakhulam India. I want to see this water and the beautiful architecture in India! 

5. Miami Florida 

  I want to go to any beach in Florida really. But I think Miami would be a fun place to take an adventure! 

6. Switzerland 


The scenery in Switzerland looks amazing!! I’m not one to like hiking, but if I were to be able to hike here I definitely would!! 

7. Greece 


Santorini ^^

Zakynthos ^^ 

I want to explore a lot of Greece but I picked two places in Greece for this post. When I think of Santorini the first thing I think of is colorful, gorgeous house on the side of a hill overlooking beautiful water! Zakynthos, the most blue water I have ever seen in a picture!! I just want to relax on that sand for days! 

8. Amsterdam 

Ever since I’ve read the book and seen the movie “The Fault In Our Stars’ I have wanted to go there!

9. Paris


I want to go to Paris, because what person doesn’t want to visit Paris?! 

10. California 


California has loads of places to visit, San Francisco, Hollywood, ect ect. I want to have a road trip going from place to place in CA. 

11. Nice, France 


Nice France, because it looks nice haha! I would take a whole trip just to explore France! 

12. Brighton,England

 To walk down the lanes of Brighton and shop the little shops and eat food in tiny restaurants would be a fun thing on my bucket list! 

13. Fiji 


I want to visit lots of islands but Fiji is the one that made the main list ;). 
There are loads of other places I want to visit and these are just a few! I hope you had fun looking at all these beautiful pictures and that they inspired you! 🙂 hope you have a great week!!


4 thoughts on “Travel Bucket List 

  1. I’ve been really excited for this post and those places look so gorgeous, they make me want to grab my passport and run to the airport right now! I would love to visit them all as I’ve only been to Paris out of the places you showed on here and it’s truly gorgeous and absolutely huge, I only ever go for 2-3 days and I always explore another part of it and there’s still so many places there I haven’t seen!


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