My Summer Essentials


1. ‘Sally Beauty’ Tanwise

2. ‘Bath and Body Works’ coconut lime breeze

3.  ‘Bloke Body’ vanilla chai + sugar body scrub

4. ‘Burts Bees’ hair repair conditioner

5. ‘Burts Bees’ lip shimmer

6. ‘Wet n’ Wild’ white cream nail polish

I love all of these products and they are all perfect for the summer time! I recently dyed my ombré blonder, so I definitely needed something to moisturize my hair. The ‘Burts Bees’ hair repair conditioner is really good for that, and just all around summer time sun damage on your hair. 

Also let’s talk about ‘Sally’s Beauty’ tanwise for a bit. This summer I don’t want to lay out and just have my skin cook so I’m going to use tanning lotion! I like this tanwise product but I’m most definitely going to check out some others during the summer. If I find some more I like I’ll share them with y’all! 

I love the creamy vanilla / baked goods smell for a body spray, but this summer I wanted something more tropical. If you want a tropical body spray go smell the Coconut Lime Breeze at Bath And Body Works, it’s soooo good, just like anything from there haha! 

I got the picture above from a blog, Treasures & Travels , which is another one of my summer essentials! I love their blog it’s so fun and has such awesome photography! So definitely go check out their blog! 🙂

I know this post was kinda all over the place with different products but I love all of these so I wanted you to see them! I hope you have a great weekend! 🙂 


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