Summer Sandals

IMG_5833 IMG_5991 IMG_6035IMG_5774 IMG_6009 IMG_6172IMG_5815IMG_5889IMG_6111IMG_6121IMG_6131 IMG_6198

A lot of people don’t like change, but I do, sometimes. I get into these like phases were I want to change things up, like my hair and bedroom. I’ve already moved my furniture around in my room, only broke one piece of furniture haha! Now I’m looking to change my hair up for the summer time, just lighten up my ombre some.

It is sandal season and I have finally talked myself into wearing more sandals. I don’t like feet, let alone my own! Whenever I am looking at sandals there is never enough support it’s like a piece of cardboard usually. I always look for a little heel on sandals, just so they are more comfy. My two favorite pair of sandals right now I am wearing in the pictures above, I will link them below. I love this black pair it kind of reminds me of a pair birkenstock but a little dressier. Also I loveee lace up sandals, they are super cute!

I hope the rest of your week is totally awesome! 🙂

Black sandals-Target
Tan sandals-Old Navy


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