Jeans & Floral 


I wore these shoes on Easter and I really love them!! I just love the kind of floral they are. They add a little girly touch to any outfit. And I love how they look with boyfriend jeans! 

This outfit is girly but has an edge, because of the leather jacket. I could’ve worn just regular skinny jeans, but I wanted to switch it up a bit. Since I love denim so much I’m gonna be on the look out for different styles, flare, colored, or boyfriend. I actually found these jeans in the back of my closet! I had gotten them last spring on sale for about $12 and had been $44, can you say deal?! 

Shirt- Forever 21

Jacket-Forever 21

Jeans- H&M



5 Replies to “Jeans & Floral ”

    1. Hannah, Peplum shirt look great with skinny jeans makes your waist look smaller.
      And flair jeans look great with loose tees, makes for a great contrast.
      For me when I wear a looser tops I’ll wear tighter jeans and for tight shirts I’ll go for flare jeans. 🙂


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