Ripped Jean 

Today I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite ways to wear ripped jeans. I really just  love a pair of good jeans! If I could spend a good bit of money on jeans, I would! I don’t right now, maybe one day.

Right now I really love ripped jeans! They seriously just make an outfit complete!! Below are some of my favorite ways I’ve seen them worn, these pictures give me loads of outfit inspiration. I love going to Pinterest for outfit inspiration, I literally have a pinning obsession! I have almost 1,000 pins on my ‘fashion’ board. Go follow me on Pinterest to see all those pins, my username is @challagin 



Picture from @meg_legs on Instagram.^  



Two pictures above are from @shalicenoel. loveee her clothes. 

Hello fashion blog ^  

From Pinterest ^   

I want some more ripped skinny jeans. I’m going to get some from forever21 or goodwill and rip them up myself. I found some really cute pairs that I’ll link below also. 

Forever21// H&M on sale // H&M // American Eagle


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