My Love For Orange-Day 3

Outfit 3 is very simple but i wanted to show that by doing simple rolls or cuffs on a piece can change it up. It can make it look edgy, girly, or just laidback. Just rolling up the legs on a pair of jeans can really change up an entire look. Or pushing up the sleeves on a long sleeve shirt. 

One of my go to outfits is always a pair of jeans rolled up with booties and a shirt. Yes very simple but also paired with the right necklace or hair done a certain way it’ll look really cool! 

Hope everyone had a good day! Don’t forget to check out my last post about me not shampooing my hair at all last week! I know sounds gross but it’s not! 🙂 

Buy the clothes from this post below 

Orange shirt


Boots are old but similar here ,and here.

My necklace is old but find one that looks like it here , and I love this one here.


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