My Love For Orange-Day 1 

My favorite way to wear my hair lately. A half up mess!^^

A little sass never hurt no one ^

This week I’m going to be posting an outfit each day! But each outfit will have one piece in common, this orange shirt! I am really loving all the shades of orange this spring. The one thing I find hard about wearing orange is knowing what color jewelry to wear. I love mixing colors for my jewelry but I don’t think gold looks that good so I just end up wearing one shade. 

I wanted to post these 5 outfits this week so it inspires people to use one piece of clothing different ways. But today’s outfit is perfect for Monday’s! It’s comfy but it looks put together, and even kinda sporty because of the black leggings with leather panels. 

And you can never go wrong with a pair of leapord print slip-on sneakers! So cute and comfy, you can even throw them on with a skirt or dress and look put together. 

I don’t know what it is about Monday’s but I always feel overwhelmed with stuff I have that coming week. So I never usually get anything done that I have planned for that day. I’m always so confused about what I was going to do so it ends up getting pushed to Tuesday’s and then I feel like my Mondat was a bust. 

I hope everyone else had a good Monday! Tomorrow I will have another outfit up using this shirt. 🙂 

Buy the clothes I’m wearing below

Orange shirt


Pants are old but similar here


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