My Favorite Bloggers 

I wanted to share some of my favorite bloggers today! I love all of these girls they have incredible style, which inspires me so much! Most of them have kids which I always lean to mom bloggers because they are way more modest and of course that’s good. Their kids dress sooo cute also!! 

I’ve talked to a lot of these ladies on Instagram and Twitter. They’re so sweet and really care about the people that read their blogs! So definitely go check them out I’ll link all of there blogs and instagrams below!

Barefoot Blonde aka Amber Fillerup Clark

Ambers style is very chic and put together! She’s so sweet and I love getting to check out all her fun pictures from her awesome trips with her little baby boy Atticus, because the photos are gorgeous(so is she!!). They make you want to travel and just enjoy every bit by snapping tons of pics! Definitely go check out her blog Barefoot Blonde ! Also her instagram is @amberfillerup. She’s just the sweetest person <3! 

Cara Loren

Let’s just talk about how adorable this outfit above is! Cara’s blog is full of wearable outfits and cute pictures of her little boys, Hanes & Arrow. And might I just add have just as an amazing style as her!! Go check her blog out Cara Loren to get some fashion inspiration! And her insta @caraloren 

Bethany Menzal 

Bethany’s blog is so fun and inviting she has some fashion, lifestyle, hair styling, just tons of fun things on her blog!! Follow her on Instagram @bethanymenzel for some awesome pictures of her awesome hair and adorable daughter, poppy! Her blog Bethany Menzel is a must read! 

Xo, Mrs.Measom 

Mrs. Measom is so nice! Love seeing fun instagram pictures on my feed from her (@xomrsmeasom). Go read her blog Xo Mrs.Measom for fashion inspiration and lifestyle stuff!! 

Hello Fashion 

What could you not love about this outfit?! Christian’s whole blog is so fun and her style is just epic! Her little boy, Beckham, in her photos with her adorable outfits is just to cute!! Follow her on Instagram for cool photos @hellofashionblog. Her blog is Hello Fashion 

Happily Grey 

Mary’s style is very inspiring! It helps me step out of my own fashion comfort zone and try new things! You have to go check out her Instagram, @happilygrey , you can just scroll through her feed and feel like your in a museum, it is absoulty gorgeous!!! Her blog  Happily Grey is super cool. 


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