Trend talk

To me you can follow trends of you want to or not. Trends are inspiration for me, to try new things! Here’s some trends I’ve been loving! 

Ripped jeans 

I love ripped jeans but they can be expensive. I’m going to rip up some of my own because this is definitely one of my favorite trends right now! 

Detailed booties 

Detailed booties can make a statment in a simple outfit, which is awesome! I love them so much, I’m on the hunt for some good priced detailed black booties, with gold and buckles! 

Leather pants 

Love, love, and love these so much! I’ve talked about them before but they are just so chic and look like you spent so much time on the outfit! You can wear them casually or dress them up. 

Short hair 

I recently cut my hair a little lower then my collar bone and I really love it!! My hair looks so much thicker and healthier. I just love this trend to! 

Half-up bun 

I’m not really sure how I feel about this hair style just yet, I just know a bunch of other bloggers are really rocking it and that I wanna try it out! Let’s hope it looks ok haha! 


The classic stripes are totally in and I’m loving it! I’m on the look out for the perfect striped dress and shirt. But the way these girls are wearing stripes in these photos is very cute!!

So if your thinking about trying a trend go for it! And if no one you know wears that, who cares wear what you like and feel confident in that! Hope everyone has an awesome week! Happy monday!! 🙂   


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