Pinterest finds

I love love love Pinterest! I’m on it multiple times a day to get inspiration, whether it’s for outfits,hair,home decor or quotes! It’s a easy site to work and super fun!


Love these pants! I have some leather looking pants but haven’t worn them yet and I don’t know why. But I will soon because they are very cute and chic!


These words definitely make you think!


Black skinny jeans, big cardigan that feels like a blanket, black booties. I think that’s all I could ask for in a winter outfit!! Love how cozy this outfit looks!


Can we just talk about how adorable this entry way is?! Love the colors and how vintage yet chic and classic this is. I’m making a part in my room like this, pictures to come!


Ohhh Valentino, I am in love with these shoes!! If only I could afford them haha! I’m just waiting for the day I go into Goodwill and find some Valentino Rockstud flats in good shape for a good price! But for now I’ll just repin pictures of you onto my wish list on Pinterest!


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