My First post

My first post on my blog… I wanted it to be more of a post about the reasons I’m making a blog and what this blog will have it in.
<br />
I’ve loved fashion, hair, and makeup for a long time! I am always looking at other people’s outfits for inspiration or well just to look at there outfits. I wanted a place where I can give others inspiration as well and blogging is the way i wanted to go.
I’m only 15 years old, that’s pretty young for a blogger. But I don’t care I want to show people, whether it’s thousands of people or only a few, that what you wear shows your personality and who you are as a person.

On the post to come there will be outfit ideas, hair styles, maybe even just what I did that day out with my family. Just whatever comes to mind. I hope that it’s a fun place to come to and be inspired by.


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